7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen

Blossom Lady
Mar 25, 2021 04:33 AM
7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen

Every room in your house deserves a splash of greenery, and your kitchen, too! You spend tons of time there, so why not surround yourself with the calming effects of nature with kitchen plants? Because not only are they a great, inexpensive way to spruce up any kitchen, but they can also be pretty useful in the kitchen. The right plant can help purify your air, increase morale and productivity, or even step in when first aid is needed. Consider bringing one of these plants into your kitchen. They’re all pretty easy to care for, which means you can’t really mess this up. It is important to keep in mind that there is no one plant that will thrive in absolutely every kitchen - since every space has its own unique light, humidity, and temperature conditions. However, these 7 houseplants might be a great place to start. 

Aloe Vera

7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen
Aloe vera likes bright light, so you’ll need a window for this one. Let it dry out between waterings, because it does not like to be soggy. A beautiful and distinctive-looking plant filled with vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin, having a potted aloe vera is like having 24/7 access to a pharmacy. Burn yourself? Keep it next to the stove and it’ll come in handy the next time you inevitably burn yourself. Pinch off an outer leaf and squeeze the gel-like substance onto minor burns. Compounds in the leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that speed healing of skin tissues.


7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen
It almost goes without saying that fresh herbs on your counter are a must-have! As long as your kitchen has a location that receives bright, direct sunlight for the majority of the day, herbs will grow easily. Alternatively, you can also grow herbs with the help of a grow-light. Easy herb varieties to grow indoors include chives, parsley, mint, thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, and cilantro.

Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica)

7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen
If you are looking for a large statement plant for your kitchen, rubber trees (Ficus elastica) are a great choice. These relatives of the fiddle leaf fig are adaptable to a wide variety of growing conditions and can grow into full-sized trees in their native habitat. When grown indoors, regular pruning keeps their size and shape under control. Choose from several different varieties to match your tree to the colors and design of your kitchen.

English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen
A lush, green plant that’s perfect for hanging over your sink or by a window, English ivy is easy to grow indoors (as long as it gets time in direct sunlight) and adds a beautiful splash of color to any kitchen. Its pointy leaves come in a variety of shades of green with accents of whites, yellows, and blacks, so you can be sure to find a variety to match your kitchen. This plant can help purify the air, as it’s one of the top reducers of indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, mold, and bacteria.

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen
Add an unusual cast iron piece to your kitchen in the form of this hearty, hassle-free houseplant. Bright green and leafy, the cast iron plant can tolerate much more than your average houseplant, including extremely low light, extreme and fluctuating heat, and infrequent watering. Cast iron plant, also called aspidistra, is as tough as they come. It doesn’t mind low light at all, and its long, strappy upright leaves are naturally glossy and attractive. Keep it lightly moist in spring and summer, and let it dry out between watering in fall and winter when it’s not actively growing. Its cute and fitting name isn’t the only reason to add this plant to your kitchen decor.


7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen
This vining plant with shiny green leaves is a good choice for the kitchen because it works in hanging baskets, which don’t take up valuable counter space. It likes moderate light, but will adjust to low light. Let pothos dry out between waterings. Pothos are truly some of the easiest houseplants to care for. They adapt well to a variety of different light conditions and are considered to be relatively drought-tolerant. Plus, they make excellent hanging plants so there is no need to waste valuable counter space!

ZZ Plant

7 Best Houseplants for Your Kitchen
If you are looking for a low-maintenance addition to the kitchen, look no further than the ZZ plant. These stately houseplants are extremely adaptable and can thrive in low-light and bright-light conditions. Plus, since they grow from rhizomes they hardly need to be watered! Water only when the top few inches of soil are dry; stick your finger in to check.
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Dawn McDow
Mar 11, 2022 08:03 PM

This article was very informative  thank you !  I have an apartment were direct sunlight is at a minimum.  I can now keep my plants alive with little or no maintenance.  Thanks !

joella wensel
Mar 12, 2022 03:58 PM

Is the zz plant poison?

joella wensel joella wenselreplied to
Mar 12, 2022 04:00 PM

Is the zz plant poison?

Is the zz plant or zanzibar plant poison?

Shari T
May 03, 2023 07:02 PM

Hi where did you get the hanging window planter?  I love it!!