5 Free Garden Mulch Sources

Garden Basics


Are you looking for 4th of July decorating ideas for your outdoor spaces? You've come to the right place.
A healthy, green lawn is definitely a satisfying sight for any outdoor lover at this time of year.
Flowering landscape trees are the crown jewels of the residential landscape, offering shape, color, and shade.
Summer bedding plants don't always have to be petunias and marigolds!

Plants & Flowers

Looking for a beautiful bouquet of flowers without spending a lot of money on fresh cut flowers?
Wildflowers are truly wonderful materials for the gardener, especially the mixtures that can be grown from seed.
Succulents and cacti are very popular plants in gardens all over the world, in part because they can survive in so many differen


7 Common Houseplant Mistakes to Avoid
Most indoor plants are relatively easy to grow, so it can be frustrating when your arrowhead plant or Christmas cactus keels over. Don’t feel bad if your plant fails to thrive; we’ve all made indoor gardening mistakes from time to time. Chances are, you haven’t paid enough attention to the plant’s needs, or you’ve killed it with kindness. Here are some suggestions for preventing problems with houseplants.
7 Common Houseplant Mistakes to avoid
Most houseplants are relatively easy to grow, so it can be frustrating when your arrowhead plant or Christmas cactus topples over. Don't feel bad if your plant doesn't thrive; we've all made houseplant growing mistakes from time to time. You probably didn't pay enough attention to the plant's needs or killed it with kindness. Here are some suggestions for avoiding problems with houseplants.
7 Indoor Plants Safe for Pets & Kids
One of the easiest ways to breathe some life into a room is with the addition of a plant or two. Plants not only add color, but many houseplants also have air-purifying properties. If you have children, or cats and dogs at home, you’re probably wondering which plants are non-toxic to and safe to keep at home with your pets. Why do cats and dogs eat houseplants?
8 Tips for Healthy & Happy Houseplants
Houseplants bring nature indoors – a touch of green that softens hard lines and strong light in our homes or offices. Houseplants can even improve air quality indoors. Many differ in their specific cultural requirements, but here are some general tips to help keep yours healthy. Are you looking for some great indoor plant hacks to keep your plants thriving and happy? There are many different houseplant tips and tricks that you can use, so let’s explore a few of them in this quick houseplant care guide.

Problem Solving

10 Common Tomato Problems & Solutions
Nine out of ten gardeners grow tomatoes, and that number would rise to 10 out of 10 if the holdouts tried a fresh garden tomato and compared it to a grocery store purchase. Nothing beats the taste of a fresh, homegrown tomato! However, many gardeners who grow tomatoes encounter growth problems. As the summer gets warmer, some tomatoes have trouble bearing fruit. Be patient, and you'll start seeing little green tomatoes again when the nights start getting cooler.
Organic Wasp Control
Yellow jackets, paper wasps and hornets are the most common species of wasps that build their nests right where you don't want them - in and around your lawn and garden. While these insects are often considered pests because of their nasty stings, they are actually important to the garden as predatory insects and pollinators. However, when their nests get a little too close, such as in the garden, it is sometimes necessary to get rid of wasps to avoid future problems that could arise.
8 Common Tree Diseases and How to Treat Them On Time
Trees contribute mightily to a landscape's value, so it's important to keep them healthy. Like people, trees can succumb to various diseases. But since trees don’t cry out in pain, they can’t tell humans when something is wrong. It’s up to you to spot and treat a disease before it causes irreparable damage. If a tree becomes diseased, it can be a potential hazard. Diseased trees can become weak and more vulnerable to severe weather. With the proper knowledge, it’s possible to rescue ailing trees.
12 Common Gardening Q&A: Rosebushes
Roses are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful plants in the home landscape. Although roses are attractive, they require the best of care. Discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about rose care and maintenance.

Garden How-To

Lawns and gardens need a constant, reliable water supply.
Maintaining a beautiful garden is a lot of hard work, but you can work more efficiently—and put less effort —with these brillian
Saving your own tomato seeds is a great way to preserve those varieties that have proven themselves as dependable performers in
Growing your own juicy raspberries is easy and rewarding.

Vegetable Gardening

Zucchini: Planting and Growing Tips
Growing zucchini is gratifying because the large plant matures quickly and is simple to keep healthy. here's a reason zucchini, a summer squash, is such a popular crop in the home garden: It's easy to start, can be grown in containers, and once zucchini plants start producing, they can be amazingly prolific. Since zucchini seeds will come to maturity quickly — about 45 to 55 days — you can even wait until August to plant for an early fall harvest.
Tips to Keep Lettuce Growing in the Heat of Summer
Do you have a feast or famine relationship with lettuce? Does your garden have more lettuce than you can eat in the spring, and then nothing for the rest of the year? Lettuce is regarded as a cool-season vegetable, and in most home gardens, it is planted in the early spring, harvested in late spring to early summer, and then discarded in favor of other vegetables for the middle of the summer.
11 Common Vegetable Gardening Mistakes To Avoid
As with all gardening, growing vegetables takes experience. It's not particularly difficult, but plants can be unpredictable and uncooperative. Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a fun and rewarding way to feed your family. But unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. Here's a list of common mistakes to avoid to keep your vegetable garden in tip-top shape. Take a moment to find out what mistakes you may not know you're making; if you avoid these mistakes, this year's harvest could be your best yet.
How to Grow and Care for Yellow Squash
Yellow squash, named for their slightly curved necks, are easy to cultivate in the vegetable garden. The warm-growing plants grow quickly and have large leaves with small, sticky spines and a bushy habit. Their yellow fruits, which form under the leaves, can have a smooth or bumpy skin. For best flavor, pick them when they are small and tender. The plants are so prolific that one or two are usually enough to feed a family.