8 Best Gardening Accessories

Blossom Lady
May 05, 2021 02:45 AM
8 Best Gardening Accessories

Gardening will be easier, more productive and just a bit more fun when you have the right tools at hand. Today I’m sharing with you the tools that I’ve come to rely on to make both my gardening experience more pleasant and myself more productive. I call them the best gardening tools you didn’t know you needed.

Hardware cloth

8 Best Gardening Accessories
Hardware cloth to stop pests from digging their way into your plant beds.

Smart planter

8 Best Gardening Accessories
A planter that'll do the watering for you (keeping roots moist for over four weeks).

Copper tape

8 Best Gardening Accessories
Copper tape to keep pesky slugs and snails from slithering their way onto your precious plants.

10-10-10 fertilizer

8 Best Gardening Accessories
10-10-10 fertilizer to help out soil that just isn't getting the job done.The best kind of fertilizer. I had cucumbers on the brink of death and it brought them back to life.

Big Foot pushover slippers

8 Best Gardening Accessories
Brilliant for that sneaky cup of tea, these over-your-boot slippers mean you don’t have to take off your boots if you just want to pop indoors quickly. You won’t get your nice clean patio covered in mud from your boots either.

Inflatable sun lounger

8 Best Gardening Accessories
While you’re thinking of lying down, why not get really comfy wherever you go with a super lightweight, portable and inflatable sun lounger. Just relax and enjoy, that’s what summer’s about after all, isn’t it?

The water carrying bag that fits in your wheelbarrow

8 Best Gardening Accessories
Make life that little bit easier this summer if you need to store and transport water. This bag fits in your wheelbarrow and has a spout and cap so watering doesn’t have to be back breaking.

Darlac string cutter

8 Best Gardening Accessories
Good things often come in small packages and this easy to use string cutter is small but perfectly formed. Safe too, just clip it on to the top of your finger and away you go. Things don’t get more simple or smaller than that.
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