Beginners Guide to Growing Chili Peppers + Types

Blossom Lady
May 05, 2021 05:24 AM
Once reserved for ethnic dishes and hot sauce, chili peppers have become an extremely popular crop among many home gardeners. Their spicy, yet slightly sweet taste is undeniably delicious and they can be used in an assortment of dishes.
Growing chili peppers isn’t really hard; even novice gardeners can successfully grow these chilies. This guide will show you how to grow chili peppers of all types in your own home garden and includes answers to many of your growing questions, such as pepper plant spacing, sun needs, length of growing season, chili pepper growing tips and more. You will also find a Chili Lineup to learn the full range of chili tastes and heat scale.
Beginners Guide to Growing Chili Peppers + Types
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