How to Grow Wild Raspberry Bushes Guide + Tips

Blossom Lady
Jun 08, 2021 09:56 PM
Growing your own juicy raspberries is easy and rewarding. In a small space, raspberries yield a phenomenal quantity of ravishing berries—and they fruit year after year with proper care. Raspberries can be harvested all the way from midsummer through to the first frost. Raspberries are not just another tasty berry; they are loaded with healthful attributes. They're high in fiber and contain vitamin A, folate, antioxidants, and numerous minerals; the juice contains vitamin C; and those sometimes-annoying little seeds contain vitamin E. And, of course, if you have a raspberry patch, you have endless dessert possibilities.
With the right type of plant and a good spot to grow it, you can raise plump raspberries in your own backyard. With the right care and once everything is in place, your raspberry patch will provide you with many years of satisfaction. To help your raspberry plants thrive and produce a bumper crop each year, make sure you choose the best variety for you, plant in a good spot with plenty of sun, and prune them back in the right season so they'll keep producing fruit year after year.
Discover a simple guide and tips on how to plant, grow, harvest, and prune raspberries!
How to Grow Wild Raspberry Bushes Guide + Tips
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