10 Common Tomato Problems & Solutions

Blossom Lady
Jul 11, 2021 06:42 AM
Nine out of ten gardeners grow tomatoes, and that number would rise to 10 out of 10 if the holdouts tried a fresh garden tomato and compared it to a grocery store purchase. Nothing beats the taste of a fresh, homegrown tomato! However, many gardeners who grow tomatoes encounter growth problems. As the summer gets warmer, some tomatoes have trouble bearing fruit. Be patient, and you'll start seeing little green tomatoes again when the nights start getting cooler. In the meantime, harvest ripe tomatoes in time to relieve stressed plants of their heavy load. This list of common tomato plant problems and their solutions will help you identify a problem-whether it's just starting or already full-blown-and show you how to fix it so you can save your tomato plants and harvest delicious tomatoes this year.
10 Common Tomato Problems & Solutions
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