Make Your Own Seed Starting Mix For Garden Seeds

Blossom Lady
Apr 04, 2021 07:40 AM
Starting your own seeds at home is easier when you hack a starter mix that helps the seeds grow to their full potential. Healthy seedlings need a loose, well-drained medium made of fine particles of organic material. Potting soil can be used, but it usually doesn’t drain as well as a finer seed starting mix. The best DIY seed starting mix needs only three ingredients, and you can find them all in your local garden center. Save money and get my no-fail recipes for organic seed starting mix and potting mix that you can easily make at home (all without complicated soil amendments and fertilizers). Keep them dry and you can store them to use next season too. Today I’d like to share with you a marvelous recipe for making a homemade seed starting mix. It works very well as a light, airy, and sound starting mix for your seedlings.
Make Your Own Seed Starting Mix For Garden Seeds
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